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The Purpose Driven Life book cover


I wish I could tell this to every young person in the world at the same time because it is true and it is urgent.

This truth dawn on me after the demise of a friend. She is what I would describe as “a happy seamstress”. Her signature was on every cloth she made; I could easily spot them out without being told. She sewed with that much joy and the clothes responded with a unique outlook every single time…until she was gone. Selfishly, I found myself wishing I had made enough clothes with her before she died. It was painful she had to go and with all that creativity.

But if that was all to the meaning of purpose, it wouldn’t even be enough. The implication of purpose is huge. It is the summation of life on earth. Earth is for a purpose. You are in it for a purpose as well. In a larger sense, your life’s purpose weighs on many lives. It is so interconnected, there are many persons that will only begin to live when you begin to live in purpose. And when you begin to live in purpose;

1. You will be happy on the inside.

Things won’t control your happiness. Rather your connection to your life’s mission and purpose will be a well that pumps joy from the inside of you.

2. You will become generous with life.

Living with purpose expands your life. This is because “purpose” is “life”.
The more connected you are to purpose, the more life flows into you, the more you have to give to others.

3. You become lighter.

Can I tell you what will take away the fears of insecurity, criticism, peer pressure, inferiority complex, people’s opinion, and the likes? An understanding of who you are and why you are on earth. Usually, this mission of your life is to the people but it is not from the people. Hence, it cannot be controlled by the people. When you know it, you live light…free of all mental baggages.

4. You identify your life’s buddies, social circles, including your life partner easily.

Speaking of relationships, you find peace. It is this simple; you have something to offer, the people in your space are either buying from you or helping you sell. Relationships generally fall into this category, including a life partner.

5. You leave imprints both on earth and in eternity.

Finding and living out purpose is the easiest way to be relevant, in both worlds. And it is not you trying to make it happen. It’s just the consequence of living on this path.

Now here’s the catch; instead of trying to solve all these problems individually, why not settle down to know and understand purpose. You will get all that in the package. Moreover, the best time for this discovery is when you’re young and single because you have time and less responsibility. With the passing of this phase, responsibilities become priority; you’d be more apt for survival than discovery.

On the path to discovering purpose, here’s a simple suggestion;

Take this book “The Purpose Driven Life” by Rick Warren and do the following;

1. Make a commitment to getting the message of the book.

I don’t mean reading it. I mean experiencing it. Look at it this way; you spend money, time, and energy to go on vacations to some exotic places because you want an experience – something you will live to remember. Now, let’s try this with this book. You will give your time, and energy, and full concentration to studying this book to have an experience you will never forget. That is what it requires.

2. Commit to reading it daily and writing daily what you understand as you read.

3. Commit to doing the message of the book – every single thing it says, each day.

In every word of instruction and admonition lies the discovery of purpose. Until you do it, you will not see it. If it’s possible to get a hardcopy of this
book, do it. Then you can underline the instructions, admonitions, and emphasis so you can tick each one as you make progress in imbibing them. As you do this, observe your experiences. You will like what you see.

4. Get an accountability partner/a reading group.

This will help you learn by sharing as well as help you stay on your decision to commit to an experience with this book.

5. Pray all the way.

This is something I’ve come to realize; God is more eager to show you things than you are to know about them. And it’s true that he’s been leading you into your path from childhood. When you pray, you are opened up to receive and understand his guidance. You have to know it and believe it after praying. So you pray to see the message of the book. You pray to be able to act on it. You pray for strength to follow through till the end and you pray to understand what he says to you per time.

Quite simple, I guess. Maybe not as easy but the truth is the consequence of this decision cannot compare to the pain it may cause you in the present. This is real. You need to discover you because nobody will do it for you. Nobody can be you. Nobody can give what you have to give in the way you will give it. And you have something to offer; the reason you are still on earth.

Currently, the community, LTBreviews, is on this book. We schedule and read it in the course of the week and we discuss it on Sundays at 7:30 pm – WAT. If this helps your decision, you can join in here; Join LTBreviews reading group 

This is to your growth and more.

In Praise of Right Words.
Sophia Eledu

Hi, I'm Sophia Eledu, a happy writer and founder of LTBreviews. When I'm not blogging, I might be found copyediting or savoring some good books.

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