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Man in the hands of the creator.

What Is Worship?

That my eyes were made to see
and they see clearly
receiving information
for my mind to work

That my nose was made to smell
and it perceives effectively
receiving information
for my mind to work

That my ears were made to hear
and they hear clearly
receiving information
for my mind to work

That my tongue was made to speak
and it speaks in due season
bringing life and strength
to everything around me

That my hands were made to write
and they write beautifully
bringing life and peace
to minds and spirits where wit

That my feet were made to dance
and they move, matching every beat
to the tune of worship and admiration
of the beautiful King

That my heart was made to love
and hold messages for my hands
and for all time it is kept clean
with the washing of water by the Word

That my life is a story
written from the beginning of time
And I live in keeping with this piece
revealed in a walk of faith and submission

And for all time I live
in the fullness of my being
I worship the wisdom of the Creator
in creating a piece as me.


What is worship? Will you worship in the wisdom of your shape?

This is the purpose-driven life. See also: God Made Me

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Sophia Eledu

Hi, I'm Sophia Eledu, a happy writer and founder of LTBreviews. When I'm not blogging, I might be found copyediting or savoring some good books.

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