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Diary; what have you believed?

What Have You Believed?

When life happens, two things often result;

You get angry, fixated, and your perspectives are altered thus fueling your actions subsequently.


You admit hurt, you are pained but you choose to let go even when you can’t place it; why in the world such a thing would happen to you.

Either of both responses is correct.

I mean, we are wired differently, experiencing life differently so our responses are different. And one is not more correct than the other, I believe.

But here’s the thing; because our lives are shaped by our thoughts and actions, not all responses are equally profitable.

So I am particular about this; what have you believed?

Moments “life happens” are destiny defining moments. And it’s not what happened that holds the key. It’s what you do with what happened.

Some persons have experienced wrong and have believed there can be no God or if he exists, then he couldn’t care twopence about them.

Some have experienced wrong and have believed there is no help anywhere; they must use what they have to help themselves.

Some have experienced wrong and have believed life and love is not for them; it is luxury that exists in the dreamers’ world, which isn’t real.

But I tell you, reality are the thoughts you hold in your mind. They are the paradigms that shape your actions, colored by your experiences, and forged by suggestive evidence.

What if I present you with another reality, will it tender your assertions? Could it be that you have simply believed what you have experienced which isn’t a conclusive reality?

I have experienced wrong too. I watched my Dad stabbed severally, and he died after much worship, prayers, and exercises of faith.

I have had to let go of an affair I held on to tightly not wanting to face the pain of a break-up and still believing for true love, right on valentine’s day.

I have been wronged too and in these settings, it seemed I got much evil for good.

But God came to my aid and instead of seeing a beast in heaven, I have seen a God who is able to be everything and anything for me, such as I need.

I have seen a God who is true, who keeps to his words and can be trusted;

He promised that my heart will know more joy than it had known pain. True to it, I do not remember these situations until I have to write about them.

I share my stories because they represent another reality that is possible in God in spite of the deep ills around.

Just, perhaps, you will see differently and come up to search out realities that are possible in God. Because there are, mine is too infinitesimal in the grand scheme of possibilities.

Perhaps, this bears a repeating; there are realities beyond what you have seen and experienced wrongly.

What have you believed?

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