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Adaptation in Life Battles

One of the things that give me joy as an adult is that I can observe the world and adapt… In all my battles, I have found a way not to be taken out. It is something I learned early and penned it down as best:

Brazenly, dauntingly,
we eke a smile
en though we know
the world’s not a friend.

Rickety, recklessly,
we get a good laugh
en though we know
the world’s not fair.

We laugh and coo
it’s no denial of facts
but for strength to strength
in this, we live a hundred

For in the world of adults,
we live as sobering creatures,
in sodden deception and subtle treachery
venomous enough to take out a heart.

It’s the survival of the fittest,
the elimination of the feeble,
the retainment of the graced,
you need be not disillusioned at reality.


It is many a mile’s hurdle ahead,
now we are but at a quartet,
we hope to reach the finish someday,
when heart is made warm all the way.


So it’s the fact that I can laugh…and laugh…and laugh again, and I do not lose my heart in all that gives me joy as an adult. But it is not in the strength that I have. It is in the helps I have.

I believe adaptation is one great key to finishing anything and finishing well. It is greater than strength, intellect, or control. And this is because we do not control so many things, as much as we would like to.

So one must adapt if he must finish. You must adapt if you will not be taken out. How have you been doing this? Care to share? Comment down below.

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