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What Does He Really Want? – The Proposal.

If you were told that God wants the same things as you, would you believe?

There is so much rallying around in Christianity that it’s easy to get carried away in the motions. But it pays to pause and ask some real questions;

What is Christianity really about?

What has this God-man affair got to do with anything?

Do we serve and fear God because it is the “Christian” thing to do?

Is it just a necessity…a chore…or worse off, an obligation for the life he has given us?

What is the foundation of Christian faith?

I am not sure which it was but the search for something more led me to read the book, “A Heart Ablaze” by John Bevere. And it was for me a cascade of transfixions.

A first I was stunned at the realization of a God that is somewhat lady-like. I mean, the God of the universe was simply asking for a relationship with man so subtly like a lady making advances at a guy and hoping to be seen, understood, and asked out.

I saw a tender lover calling for attention with a burning bush rather than some outright epic appearance. And in all of his affair with the Israelite, he kept expressing these desires; to be seen by them, to be loved as the only, and to be obeyed.

One would wonder, quite a contrast for a weak lover. But in this I saw another side; He is loving, yet firm and decisive like a male figure. He desires that his beloved will trust him completely whether his instructions are sensible or not. His heart leaps to find such one so yielded in total submission him – the same submission that builds the male ego.

Indeed, I saw a God that has never been far from us. He made us male and female exhibiting his characteristics combined that we may look for him and find him right at the center of our being.

For him, it is not about the activities. It has never been. He has made us human beings of his expression and has always wanted the same things we want; a loving – bonding relationship where lovers are in deep intimacy, expressing each other’s being and communicating each other’s desire at every point.

He is not after your Sunday appearance in church. He desires you love him so much that you carry him to your workplace all six days of the week and gush about him as you would about your amazing spouse or a particular fantasy.

He wants the same things you’d want in a romantic relationship; your attention any time he calls for it, your affection that propels you to do the things he desires and refrain from the things he is against. He wants your submission to do life under his instructions and not your way.

He wants you to choose him and choose him again every single day like you would your spouse. And this is done willingly. Hence, he gave us free will and He’s been making advances at us in hopes that we’d see him and choose him above all other gods. Can you see the real picture?

But you know, when this is in place, everything in between becomes worship; obedience, devotions, service, and all. This is worship as he ordained it. It is not the song. It is YOU – your heart, your life, your will. On this basis, the God-man affair becomes a powerful union that can work anything on the earth.

So he is asking, as always,

“Will you choose him today as the only, the most important, to love and to cherish, to submit to and uphold till death join you with him as one for an eternity?”

He is still asking…


Find the book “A Heart Ablaze”, here.

A Heart Ablaze
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