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Transformed by Relationship Series.

I am one who was helped in relationship.

I try to search it out but it’s not for anything that I did. I was simply helped out of a wrong into a good place, where I have known love, life, and wholeness. And in four years, it has given me;

  1. Growth and maturity. I find it hard to reconcile myself of each year, in the last four years. I’m a different person every single year and it is for the life that was given to me from the point of surrender, and in the gift of association.
  2. Discovery of purpose. With the blessing of association, I was led to receive my assignment – book reviews – and I enjoy all support while at it.
  3. Branding and Identity. I’ve discovered myself because of this relationship. I’ve seen my strength harnessed by my partner steering me on the path where I thrive with  ease, and branding me into both a personal brand, Sophia Eledu, and a corporate brand – LTBreviews.
  4. Now, I have a message. And it is this: I was helped in relationship.

With my life, I have seen the implication of relationships on both ends; a good relationship and a wrong relationship. Now, I write to tell the story; Things I Wish Someone Told Me About Relationship.

At a time, I was in tears for letting go of a relationship I wanted so much. But then, I had this unique experience right in my room: I heard a voice that startled me with the words,

“Do you know what I saved you from?”

I could not have known then. I’m not sure if I fully know now. I simply discover on the journey: Transformed by Relationship series 1.

It is essence, my testimony, and all that I’ve learnt in the journey thus far. It was an experience that pushed me to go for knowledge. And I am every way better by it.

I speak of realities because mine is one that humbles me every single time. But I know there are more. So I do not expect you to read my stories and expect the same.

You should believe for more because there are hanging realities that eyes have not seen, nor ears heard. Whatever is seen is out of the equation; what have you believed?

Nevertheless, here’s a testimony to raise your faith; Transformed by Relationship series 1 – Things I Wish Someone Told Me About Relationship.

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What Have You Believed?
The Making of The Book, “Things I Wish Someone Told Me About Relationship.
Sophia Eledu

Hi, I'm Sophia Eledu, a happy writer and founder of LTBreviews. When I'm not blogging, I might be found copyediting or savoring some good books.

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