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There Is Everything In God.

If I had a podium to address the world, I’d say this over and over with every fiber of my being until you could hear nothing else but this. Be cleared; I am not speaking to your lust, I am speaking against the lies you have believed. And, if you’d permit me just a little, step down a bit from every prejudice you may have and simply enjoy this short story.

There is the account of a man recorded in scriptures. From prophecy, he is the son of God. This is credited to the fact that his conception was by God and woman, and not the usual man and woman order.

So he is God born by man and fondly referred to by his father as son of man, literally saying “my son out of man” or “my son born by man”.

Now, in the Bible account of Matthew chapter 4, this God-man, Jesus, is in a fast for 40days and at the end of it, the tempter – the devil comes to tempt him.

Quite intriguing are the tactics of temptation. First is the temptation of  genuine and legitimate need – food. But Jesus trusts the father to meet his needs rather than misuse his authority. So it is one down.

The next is ego needs – the tempter speaks to his ego and prompts him to use his authority to fulfill that. Again, Jesus flees such and it’s two against the devil.

On the grand finale, similar to the tale-end of a battle, or sports competition, there is a sort of desperation as the last moments can still be the defining moment. So a smart sportsman saves his best tactics for the last.

Now the devil does just that. And of the best tactics he has got, he takes him round to see all the beauties, the kingdoms, the glory, mad money, cruise – every good thing that can be desired by a human being – and makes a puny but ludicrous statement,

All these things will I give thee if thou wilt fall down and worship me. 

Let’s bring this home. This God-man is sent, and he has to fulfill his mission on the earth.

On the earth, there are yardsticks by which success is measured. In the simplest form, it is living in affluence and being able to command things at will. This, Jesus needed in the fulfillment of his assignment.

But here was an offer; to get it apart from the father – to get it cheaply on a platter – no prayer, fasting, speaking, waiting, and all the God-way.          Simply decamp – shift grounds:

Don’t do gospel, go circular

Don’t be too churchy, blend

Don’t shout God! God! God! too much, give them fun and easy,

Appeal to their senses,

Bring sensation and vibe, party and fun – just the kind of stuff they could not resist

Guy! be likable and you’d still get the results;

You’d have money, you’d be rich, ladies flocking all around you, 1M followers, verified IG and soon to be in the millionaire gang!

I daresay you didn’t think this was the offer. But what is “fall down and worship me” in the 21st-century? Illusory freedom and liberality that really don’t exist.

In another way, it says “live life playing by my rules which is more appealing however that it is in stark contrast to God’s dictates as written in his word”.

There must have been a variant of this flex life in Jesus’ days. And it must have been something pleasure-spilling else it would be no temptation at all.

But here’s the farce in this offer; the bible account of psalm chapter 24, first verse says,

The earth is the LORD’s, and the fulness thereof; the world, and they that dwell therein.

This is a very plain and clear statement on the true ownership of “things”. So  what in God’s name was the tempter offering this son of man? What he, the devil, didn’t have or own?

Now you probably might be thinking, “But many people make it without God.” Many achieve fame and appear to be living the good life without an acknowledgment to God.” Undeniably.

But if we allow scriptures to answer the question; the bible account of James chapter 1 verse 16 and 17 says clearly,

Do not err, my beloved brethren. Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning.

In my formative years as a believer, I learned to believe the Bible literally. So if the bible says “every good gift is from above, from God”, it means there can not be “good and perfect things” outside of God.

It’s explicitly said. And if someone is promising you this outside of God, he’s got to be a liar with everything he has got to show fake. There’s no original with him, bling and all, it’s all counterfeit.

Surely, you can get some perceived “good things” outside but it’d be nothing like the original. You could never tell what you lost in exchange for counterfeit because you never even had it in the first place. That’s a poor bargain my friend, poor decision!

Please, stop camping with the devil. He has nothing to offer cause he owns nothing more than lies, tricks, and deceit.

Come over to the one who truly has it, with whom it has been proved time and time again;

See Solomon in the bible if you’re intrigued about wealth – the world is yet to produce a match of this guy.

See the account of Job’s daughters if you are intrigued about beauty – he personally was a business magnate in God.

See David, the king, if you’re intrigued about impact and influence and music.

True friendships demonstrated best in David and Jonathan.

Political authority and influence were Daniel’s for many years.

And for women of influence, there was Deborah, Esther and Ruth in the old testament.

Still not satisfied, you could go over to the new testament saints – in Christ was and still is the summary of everything . What could you possibly want?

If you will hear it straight from the heart of the father, he says,

My son, give me thine heart, and let thine eyes observe my ways. – Proverbs  23:26.

He wants your heart, your eyes, and all your attention on him. And when you do, he promises,

Delight thyself also in the LORD: and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart. – Psalms  37:4.

Did you think for once he doesn’t know what you want? But he created you – desires and all. And the redeeming thing he said to me in trying to help me understand this was,

I am not against your desires. I am against how you seek them. 

The same thing that has been the bait of satan from the beginning of time; to take your desires, deceive you that God doesn’t want you to have them or his ways are hard, then present you with an alternative way of getting them outside of God.

But friends, now you know the truth.

If everything is in God, then there is nothing outside him. There’s no life outside. It’s all lies, whatever the devil may have you see. So stop looking outside the window if you’re already in and start fixing your gaze on God, to learn of him and walk patiently with him.

And if you are outside and want to come in, there’s not a more loving father as our heavenly father with arms wide open, ever ready to receive, forgive and restore. So you are not late. Simply say this prayer,

Lord Jesus, I come to you today. I am a sinner but you died for me. Jesus Christ, come into my life, be my Lord and Saviour. Take control of my life from this day forward. Thank you Jesus for saving me, amen!

Congratulations to you that prayed this prayer and welcome to the family of God. Receive power to walk in union with Christ and enjoy the best life ever for all of your days in Jesus name!

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And don’t forget to spread the word;

when Christ is what you’ve got in this world, you are of all men most fortunate, for in Christ is everything to be desired, in this world and in the that which is to come.

Simple equation huh…

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