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A long road

The Wait

It’s a long, long, long walk
The journey, I perceive is still long
I see the terminals – the map in my hand
But I can’t tell how long it’d take to get there

I’ve long begun to faint and bear
many terminals come and gone
Will this be the same? I pray
my feet seem to move no further

I am not faint in lack of hope
I am not one who is without a pic
but it’s hope delayed cringing my bones
or a mist, I’d say – this dead log come upon me

I worship in it and faint still
I study in it and wane within
I have not strength to rave in prayer
save a few mutterings in quest for help

What will happen now?
Where is the help that I have?
Write! He says. To the pen and write!
Write! Child; that is the power you have.

O spirit of despair, get off from me!
I am a firebrand of the most high King
I have faith in him and his work in me
It is you I see that writhe my being

Get off! I say. Get off of me!
I have the strength and helps of my king
I am able to go the long, long haul
for I can do all things through Christ in me.


When faith seems to fail…and praise is faint…and there are no words in prayer, after believing for the promise, you might want to look despair in the face and punch him out.

Then the worship returns and the mist will be all gone.


See also God Calling.

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