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Here’s a Story of Faith, Love and Grace; the story of my life.

The story of my life… I could not possibly write it because I do not even know it. At best, I could capture it in the write Chronicles thus;

…But I live a life that is not mine…whose widths are vast and bounds I know not…and this I take with me for all time; I am willing, I respond, I go all the way…

I am contented to just respond and not know it all. And truly I do not know it much save for the few experiences I’ve had.

A striking one is a time in 2016. I wandered into the place of prayer. I was going through the moments…so many things weren’t satisfying and I was just floundering. So perhaps, inquisition led to it but I found myself in the place of prayer. And it was an experience that changed everything.

At first, it was new to me and I sure was amused at the sight; people praying and shaking their head, feet, body, and I was like, did it have to be so dramatic? I mean, you could still pray and be heard, en though still. And so it was for me, sight-seeing the first time.

But for reasons I can’t explain, I kept going and going until about the third time, and another spirit, the same that was moving the people in the place in almost every direction just to pray, entered me. And I found myself praying like them too. It definitely wasn’t me. And I was sort of observing myself away from myself.

Now, as if that was not enough, on one of the days, I found this same “spirit in me” praying out of me, shaking, and sobbing softly. It was an experience I couldn’t place and it made me physically weak. So I asked gently, at the same time, “Holy Spirit, what is it?”

Given my Pentecostal upbringing, I knew about the Holy Spirit, and I sure had a hard time learning to speak in tongues as my mind couldn’t just grasp the concept. But that was at best, my business with him up till this point – head knowledge.

However, being in this environment and beginning to discern, I figured he, it was, that was working all the demonstrations in me, so I asked him face up, in my heart… And he replied almost immediately, “I have been waiting for you”. I grew limp in quick seconds.

I didn’t know that. I didn’t know any of that. He had been waiting for me and in the place of prayer, all that while and I didn’t know? I had kept him waiting only God knows for how long – personally I hate to be kept waiting, and now someone would do that for me and not give up? I had no idea. I felt so sorry and broken and I sobbed in response muttering that I was sorry.

He sure had faith in me and didn’t give up the whole time. But you know, I’m just one of the billion of his kids in the world he’s waited on. For every single creature of his, he has an assignment. There is not one useless person because he created all of us at the beginning and said it was good.

We’ve all been approved, checkmarked, and sent to earth on different missions for him. And he has this so great faith, he could wait for you till you’re 90 and have one more year to live, to respond to his call. His heart towards us cannot be searched out – even the word ” love” seems incompetent to render a description.

Now, will you keep him waiting all that long? That’d be totally unfair! Plus you know, the grass ain’t greener outside of him; his perfect plan for your life. He has it with him. You don’t have it. You can’t even know it or do it if he doesn’t show it to you and help you through it. See what he says;

For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the LORD, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end – Jeremiah  29:11.

He had to stress it that it is “Him” that knows not you and “He is not confused about it”  hence the need for the phrase “For I know”. The statement would still be complete without that. He could have just started from “The thoughts I think towards you are thoughts of peace… But he added the preceding clause just to give you an assurance that he’s got you all covered in his master plan.

And He has not left you in the dark on how to go about it, he says,

Abide in me, and I in you. As the branch cannot bear fruit of itself, except it abide in the vine; no more can ye, except ye abide in me – John  15:4.

Friends, I write to tell you this day that if you are alive on earth, then there is a purpose for the breath in your nostrils. And if you’ve ever at any point, given your life to Christ, then there’s a call of God on your life, and he’s waiting fo you; in the market place, in the business world, on the pulpit, in the place of prayer, in the hospital, in the family, he is waiting for you in that specific area of assignment he has crafted and gifted you for.

When you respond to that call, everything will be released in the walk. Every single thing you need to make full proof of that ministry in ready in the place of assignment. Then, you’d connect the dots easily – your life and all your experiences, and only then will you truly begin to live.

Please do not allow all the labor and gifts and resources of God upon your life to be in vain. Do not allow the blood of Jesus to be wasted. Do not allow the faith of the father upon your life to go to vain. Do not rob that nation and generation inside you of a great treasure – 1Peter 2:9. Do not give the devil yet another chance. Yea! He has nothing to offer to you! See this !

There Is Everything In God.
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Sophia Eledu

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