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The Story of Marriage

As the title bequeaths, The Story of Marriage is a book about marriage, written by a couple, John and Lisa Bevere, in over 30 years of marriage.

It is bare on the experiences and struggles they faced, as they navigated through the different stages of marriage, each finding themselves and ultimately the purpose of marriage – “a God vision”.

The couple share God’s interest in marriage and his immerse desire to transform any/every marriage committed to his care, thus encouraging couples to open up their hearts to God’s transforming grace for their marriage.

Consequently, each chapter of the book is divided into five suggested daily readings with corresponding devotions at the end of the book and discussion questions, making it an interactive piece that can be used/applied.

As stated by the authors, this books is for;

  1. Those preparing to marry,
  2. The already married,
  3. Anyone who wants to gain a better understanding of marriage.

Personally, this piece challenged my perspective on relationships and marriage and one big lesson I learned is:

“I can do marriage right, and achieve God’s purpose for the marriage relationship if I will just take away self – deal with self”

In other words,  most of the conflict experienced in marriage is the conflict of self– self-centered desires, so if I learn to view marriage as to the lifelong service of another and the worship of God, then I am on the path to a happy-ever-after marriage experience.

Certainly, there are many lessons to be gleaned from this piece, but I have shared one with you. 

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A Marriage Without Regrets
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  • August 31, 2020 at 6:55 am

    Indeed an extreme love for self is the cause of many problems in marriages, the “I” and “Me” factor. We have been called to a life of service as Christians and that life needs us to die to self daily.