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Attraction - I think I'm falling in love book cover


Now, I feel like I set myself up with this one. But that was not the intent really.

I just wanted a lead magnet for my blog.

I mean, it was many months of hard work to set up and launch a blog as a newbie.

And just when I felt, “It couldn’t get any worse, I’m done!”, the brand manager said to me,

“Girl, nobody’s going to sign up to your website simply because you created a beautiful site – you have to give value, and for free.”

That was a pretty tough reality to wake up to.


Now, who says I have it all put together?

Setting out for one ebook led to three book ideas which came down zero on evaluation, working with the mandate that it had to be a book people want to read.

Writing a book is not as hard when it’s written for the writer alone.

Writing for an audience is more complicated. The reason is simple;

As the writer, what I want to write is in my head. But what you want to read…well, I’d have to get into your head to find out. Merging the two is just another day’s job.

Hence another bump.

Later settling for a book on relationship came with the questions,

“what about relationship do I want to communicate that is the same you want to read, that another person hasn’t written?”

Yet another bump in the corner.

Then I got an idea. And I ended up writing a book only to realize it didn’t quite fit – it wasn’t hard sales adapted like the “How to’s” and “15 Steps”.

So I  thought of something sales-like and came up with another book idea for which I got stuck right up from the title and halfway to the middle. Hence, I stopped.

But I would write again, only that this time, the book was in my head like I had read the manuscript somewhere and just needed to write in down. And in the course of planning, I thought,

“Why not share with the community – LTBreviews?”

Then another thought,

“Why not make it open for other persons to be a part of it?”

And so came Transformed by Relationship webinar.

Did I tell you how we settled for this title? A story for another day.

But that was it really. And for the want of time, the first book became,

“Attraction – I think I’m falling in love”.

Can you accurately map out the journey to this book? A bit complicated, right?

Now, what about “Attraction – I think I’m falling in love”?

It is a book that addresses romantic and sexual attractions in 2 categories:

1. A single guy or lady not in a relationship.

2. A married person or one engaged in a romantic relationship.

This is necessary given that attractions will occur in whatever setting.

You can get the knowledge to dam it or chart its course. But you can’t totally stop it from happening.

So, if you are in for this read, let’s get down with it real quick. Get the book here It’s free.

Also, feel free to share – link to the book – and don’t forget to leave a comment.

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Sophia Eledu

Hi, I'm Sophia Eledu, a happy writer and founder of LTBreviews. When I'm not blogging, I might be found copyediting or savoring some good books.

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