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group presentation from YPC 2019


It was time for group presentations. I remember working somewhere behind in the auditorium as other groups made their presentations until it was the turn of my group – Tourmaline.

I didn’t consciously leave my work until I heard the voice of the first speaker –  loud, clear, very vocal, and authoritative – making a case for my group on the topic “The Blind Judicial System.”

I remember him speaking with such authority bearing from the wealth of facts he had gathered on the topic. Such an eccentric sight to behold – I sure was awestruck with my heart beaming with pride on such delivery.

Now, I had gotten deep into the conversation and amongst the assertions made was the statement, “The judicial system must be blind to administer equal and fair judgment.”

A couple of days later, I was in a study on the book, “Satan Get Lost” by Bishop David Oyedepo, and I was thrilled to realize that even in the throne room of heaven, there is a Blind Judicial System.

This system is one that metes out judgment equally and fairly based on the presentation of cases even as it is graced by the Great Judge, the Father; the plaintiff, the devil; the defendant, man, and a host of witnesses.

Now, just as nobody wins a case in the court of law by sympathy or hearsay, God will not pronounce judgment in the favor of any man who does not make his case with facts and understanding however that he has given man all things sufficient to win any case against the accuser.

As such, many are oppressed, many are afflicted, suffering all things they shouldn’t because they do not know their rights and can’t appropriate it to win the suit filed against them.

For a new creation believer, I would have thought that the blood of Jesus would suffice, being a ransom for our sins and present as a witness at the hearing.

However, the Great Judge made it clear in his word that it takes the duo; the blood, and our testament to win spiritual battles:

“And they (man) overcame him (the accuser) by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony (the declarations of why we cannot be in bondage with well-articulated facts of who we are in Christ and what He has done for us)”… Revelation 12:11.

But can one make a case of what he does not know? It is obvious that it takes knowledge more than strength to fight and win through life. And we really don’t choose to fight. It just happens that one must prove the breath in him for as long as he has it.

So, daily we face battles, crises, challenges in different forms. And daily we have hope, we fight hard, and sometimes bleed light. Yet, we must know what it takes to fight to win; understanding the battle, and knowing what tactics to use.

Now, as you take on the next fight, challenge or crises, having done all else in the process, be sure to be abreast with correct information on the subject. It might just be the thin line between victory and defeat, all other factors being applied.

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Sophia Eledu

Hi, I'm Sophia Eledu, a happy writer and founder of LTBreviews. When I'm not blogging, I might be found copyediting or savoring some good books.

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    November 9, 2020 at 4:48 pm
    Bethel Oritsegbitse

    God respond to us on the basis of His Word. It is Wisdom to approach the Throne Room with strong proofs.