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Spiritual Timing book cover

Spiritual Timing.

Have you ever felt stuck in a particular phase of life, unable to bend past, break off, break through and just move forward, despite best efforts? It can be the height of frustration in one’s journey as it feels like knocking on a stone wall. All effort just seem to be a waste. And you...CONTINUE READING

How To Use A Book Resource.

Do you think its important to learn this? I think of it and I just find that more times, we read all books the same way which may limit the purpose of a book in its entirety. I do believe that books are not just for the knowledge of them but for the life of...CONTINUE READING

A Marriage Without Regrets

In this book, Kay Arthur, a one time divorcee and mother of two, shares plain biblical precepts that make for “A Marriage Without Regret“.From real-life experiences and things she learned the hard way, she writes to: The single/married, yearning to know the meaning of “A marriage without regrets”. The single/married, desiring to have “A happy...CONTINUE READING