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The Five Love Languages for Singles book cover

The Five Love Languages for Singles.

The book, “The Five Languages for Singles” is a sequel of the book, “The Five Love Languages: How to Express Heartfelt Commitment to your mate”. Written by author Gary Chapman, it addresses the love needs of single adults, helping them achieve fulfillment in love by discovering and expressing love in their individual shape – “love...CONTINUE READING
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The experience of dating in your 20s is usually a mix of ecstasy and uncertainty. On one side, there is the excitement of trying out something new. Then there’s the euphoria of being asked out by the cutest guy in the world (when you’re in your teens). Fancy dreams linger. Thoughts of what he– she...CONTINUE READING

A Marriage Without Regrets

In this book, Kay Arthur, a one time divorcee and mother of two, shares plain biblical precepts that make for “A Marriage Without Regret“.From real-life experiences and things she learned the hard way, she writes to: The single/married, yearning to know the meaning of “A marriage without regrets”. The single/married, desiring to have “A happy...CONTINUE READING