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Lessons of Purpose

Lessons of Purpose

Often time, I do a mental evaluation of my activities. And in my assessment, I realize my walk with God impacts me significantly more than many other things I give myself to.

It feels like I become daily a person world apart from who I have always been. And I don’t even know that anything is happening until I respond to a situation differently than I would aforetime or I find something (my ambition) taken out of my hand seamlessly.

So I find me laughing at myself easily; at all the things I once held dear going off me but observing how God makes this happens seamlessly, weaving every piece neatly: experience, desire, encounter, study lessons, deeds, misdeed, relationships, and all to produce a daily different person out of me.

Now, I see purpose a little differently from the much outlined in many books.

It is larger than an individual, a nation, a generation, or even many generations of different centuries. It is the story of life that has been written down from the beginning to the end and separated by times slots: we all are just living our bits in it.

When you do understand this, you’d be humbled to know that it is not about you. Though you have a part in it.

That means it could be futile seeking to know your purpose more than seeking to know God.

First of all, He has the story. Walking beside Him will be more productive than walking afar off. Then, yours is a fraction of this whole story. Seeking out yours may be seeking an incomplete piece you may not be able to understand.

At best, God gives visions to men. And this gives direction into the larger story.
But when you have a vision – a picture of the future or your specific assignment, that’s just one of the indices.

The rest including how it will happen, why it will happen, or when, you may not know. But all of these aspects of how, why, when tell a larger story that includes the vision but is greater than the vision because it literally gives meaning to the vision.

Now, what is the best way around it?

Respond to God. It simply just makes sense to do so. He has the picture you are looking for. He is in the best position to give you a vision and lead you every step of the way in it.

Perhaps, the reason we get it wrong and get so confused about the question of purpose is that we understand it wrong. You don’t have a purpose that is separate and unique to you so that God could give you and each of us our purpose to run with. Your purpose is embedded in a larger picture in which it has meaning.

Literally, it’s His purpose and our part in it. So, it will be more rewarding to ask for a direction for living, and a continuous understanding of your part in His story as continue walking with Him. Then, we will acknowledge our total need for God and develop a true dependency on Him because we know nothing more than the present and a destination picture.

Interestingly, I had been prospecting my adult life from a very young age. But I find that picture changing daily the more I walk with God. It is not anything less than what I desired: it actually calls me up to adventures more than my mind can imagine and certainly more than I can exhaust in a lifetime.

Adventure sure arouses some uncertainty. Hence, it’s a faith walk. But that I can be satisfied with this sort of “uncertainty” is completely amusing. A few lessons I learn from this is:

1. Purpose is living every day with God and making every decision with Him.

2. Purpose is seeking the heart of God daily and doing it.

3. Purpose is desiring God and His plans for your life over and above yours

4. Purpose is being in the place God wants you to be per time and accepting his choices for you.

5. Purpose is belonging to the family (physical and spiritual) God chooses for you and making every effort to maintain the relationships as much as it can be.

6. Purpose is committing to live fully, stewarding all the resources God has given to you (time, talent, treasure) for His glory.

7. Purpose is acknowledging God over trying to decipher a hard concept in deception.

I understand this generation seeks a concept more than the true meaning of purpose. So it seems difficult to grasp. But you may search for long if you are on a wrong track, if ever at all you find it.

Author Rick Warren explains clearly in his book, “The Purpose Driven Life” that one cannot arrive at a destination by taking the wrong route. You must make a U-turn and get it right at the beginning.

So where may be a beginning in one’s quest for purpose?

Thou art worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and honour and power: for thou hast created all things, and for thy pleasure they are and were created. Revelation  4:11.

*He created all things…they are (exist) and were created for his pleasure.*

1. What are the “all things” created?

2. Do you admit you are part of what was created? Do you deny it?

3. If you admit you were created, then move on to the next question.

4. Who is God, the one who created all things for his pleasure?

5. What really is his pleasure?

It begins with God.

And it goes on from there. See the expansion of this in the book, “The Purpose Driven Life” by Rick Warren.

Get a copy here: https://ltbwithsophia.com/the-purpose-driven-life/

If this blesses you, do share with others and let’s get more persons reading, and walking in purpose.

To your growth and more.

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