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Two books in 12 months! The secret: trust.

It is easier to trust God than do otherwise.

Writing this makes me laugh now, but it is a lesson I learned uncomfortably.

I have not always had this “great faith” in God. On the contrary, I’d say he has so great faith in me that he’d continually keep me in the way, however uncomfortable until I comply.

A simple instance was a request I made while finishing school in December 2019. I didn’t want to be cash-strapped for a second after school. In preventing any future insurgence, I inquired carefully; what should I do to earn? How will I get money after school?

In reply, He gave me Psalm 23: The Lord is my Sheperd, I shall not want…

Given the circumstance in which I asked – I wanted clarity, definiteness, like a company to apply to or something – this was not an answer. But that was what I was given, with a back-up conversation from a friend on money and value attitudes.

This got me started into the year 2020. But soon, on April 1st, I stopped dead. I wanted to earn – work and see the cash flow in – and not just self-development or the long-term blog business I was building. So I evaluated my skills, set my targets, and got to work profiling myself on freelance sites and bidding for gigs while applying for some remote job.

I had everything I needed to land those jobs, in my assessment. Truly, I scored a 94. on my first assessment with a foreign firm except that it wasn’t a pass. But this got me excited and determined to get the job. So I got up excited each day and worked till dusk on all of these for three months until I realized I was just going around and returning to the same spot.

In June, I stopped, scared. For three months I was taking one exam, going from 94. to 96. and back while battling with my health and gadgets in the process. It was scary! All attempts took me to the height and just stopped there, raising my hopes and leaving me hanging.

I sure was frustrated and I cried back to God. In reply, He said to focus on what was working. In shock, I replied, “what is working?” And He said, “The blog“.
At this, my heart sank. The blog is long-term. It was still being set up and would not pay me in the shortest time. So how would I earn in the meantime? I asked.

To this, He gave me Psalm 23 again: The Lord is my shepherd… This time, I was broken. I had seen struggle and I just wanted to obey. So I worked on the blog; it was launched on July 8. Afterward, the first ebook, Attraction – I Think I’m Falling in Love was launched in August, generating 55 new subscribers with one campaign in one week.

Subsequently, it has been growth and advancement.

Fun fact #1 – A lot of earning opportunities came afterward. But I knew to stay on God trusting him to meet my needs. In this, I learned contentment; faith in God, that his provisions are sufficient at all times.

Fun fact #2 – This journey of trust, faith, and obedience was a book being written; Things I Wish Someone Told Me About Relationship

Truly, I had everything I needed supplied on the way and I got great value in return.

Now, I understand the reason for the instruction; “Focus on the blog”. The blog created and the brand promoted have been the catalyst for both books written in less than twelve months.

What is that instruction you are still holding back from obeying? You may never understand it you get to the end in obedience. But I can tell, it is easier to trust God than to do otherwise.

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The Making of The Book, “Things I Wish Someone Told Me About Relationship.
Faith In Me
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