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Imagine… It Is Time!

Imagine a world where everyone stayed in the places assigned to them and did the specific task each was designed to do…Imagine the peace and creativity that will flood such earth. Imagine heaven, a place where everyone does what he is created to do…Imagine how chaos cannot exist there.

What if we had such on the earth? Aren’t we meant to practice out life in heaven here on earth? And if you are out of line on the earth, what will you be doing in heaven eventually – ever thought of that?…Why are you here on earth?

I believe the reason is to carry out specific tasks in specific places at specific times and seasons.

I believe the reason is to learn and develop the character needed to deliver on your assignment here in preparation for greater tasks in the realm beyond.

I believe the reason is to tell a story, one written before you were conceived. And crafted to reveal the wisdom of a mighty creator for his mission on the earth.

I believe the reason is to impact lives and help many others to see the light.

I believe you were born for a specific purpose…to solve a specific problem…to create beauty in a specific order, and give life being conceived of life yourself.

But understand that this did not begin with you. Everyone on earth in the past, present, and future came for specific purposes too. And many never realize it. Many are disillusioned about it. And more others just didn’t pull through in it.

There are so many genuine reasons why people do not fulfill their purpose on earth. But for you, there must be no excuse. This is because, for every person that didn’t pull through, someone else did. So there is an opening for you if you do want to… But here’s the catch:

You must get it right with God in a warm working relationship because there is a call of God on your life for earth. And you cannot realize it without him.

It’s the same reason you must get it right in romantic relationship. Your partner’s destiny is tied to yours in the fulfillment of your assignment and his or her’s. A mismatch in this area isn’t just a mistake of “a life partner” It is the frustration of two purposes that are bound to struggle in a lost cause.

It’s the same reason you must get it right in finance. Money is essential in the completion of your assignment. Insecurity in this area will only frustrate the process and get you out of line in the assignment when the anxiety becomes an obsession.

It’s the same reason you must fight and win your battles. You must not be stopped by anything. No excuse is justifiable in the end because feasibility was done before you were born. God has weighed all your battles and oppositions before sending you to earth. And he didn’t send you to come and fail, but to deliver an assignment despite the resistance.

So you must get on with this. It is tied to everything. You must get on with purpose – it is the reason you are here. Living well, getting educated, finding true love, making a living are only part of the process. It is not the assignment. You do not get lost in the process to forget the assignment. What really is your assignment and how are you fulfilling it?

It is time to wake up, dear. Definitely, it is time. Begin to ask questions. You’ll get an answer. When you don’t, nothing happens. Then you’d be complacent and continue to contribute to the chaos on earth, because you, where you stand, are out of line with divine order. It is time. Awake!

Awake from your slumber!
O sleeping gods
Awake from your reverie!
O saints on the earth

The world is at attention
in the midst of the dark
It calls for light
It calls for intervention

It needs a direction
in a way that will work
for many structures flayed
needs a replace

Awake now, ye must
to the rescue, ye are called
not to rumble at the shambles
but to build-up broken pieces

For ye are light…ye are conduits,
walking in purpose, ye have vision.
Ye are passion in working motion,
repairing the bridge on earth to heaven


Story, story.
Adaptation in Life Battles
Sophia Eledu

Hi, I'm Sophia Eledu, a happy writer and founder of LTBreviews. When I'm not blogging, I might be found copyediting or savoring some good books.

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