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Ideals and Compromise

Then I looked and I saw
Now I look and I see
But what I see is not what was seen
when I first looked and saw

I did see then straight lines so defined
with edges so sharp, it could pierce
but the lines appear faint now
and the edges no longer meet.

What’s happening to my eyes?
Why is my sight now vague?
But I am trained to look into the eyes,
And I’ve observed my oculars
they’re in good health as I’ve been taught to judge

So what could it be?
Do I need a neurologist?
Do I need a psychiatrist?
Can anyone put it to me
why I saw lines @ 20
that  breaks @ 21
and clearly fades @ 22

My head feels tight and tired,
from the demons of confusion that run within.
Could I have been hallucinating to have seen lines?
Was I hypnotized into believing they were there?

But I did see lines after listening to my instructor say,
“Do not allow a boy touch you or you’d get pregnant and that’d be your end!”
And I also saw them after moral lessons were drawn at the end of each story read to me

But with each painful birth of my years
and the passing on of the former
I look to see what I have once seen
and I see those lines not clear anymore.

Perhaps there are no lines and structures to life,
perhaps there are no edges or definition of its course
perhaps moral lessons are as pertains to each man’s fate,

Then may we know to learn from them,
but not chart our lives after their course
for each man’s course is virgin, made as his life unfolds,
a compromise one may say, as he bargains with his maker
for his wishes against The Will…
The end.


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