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First Lessons of Christianity 1

God is good…God is kind…God is faithful…God is merciful…God sees…God is a rewarder…God is true; He never lies.

Every good and perfect gift comes from God: God is at the end of every good thing we seek.

These are the foundation of a faith walk.

When you know these truths about God, responding to Him becomes easy regardless of the situation. So you get the foundation right.

Also foundational in a faith walk is being able to see the heart of God. It is a great treasure. It means seeing beyond his acts to his motives. It strengthens your walk with God…it births conviction.

Truly, the most unrewarding and immature state one can be in in Christianity is to be actively seeking God for things alone. It doesn’t mean you would never ask for your needs but there’s just so much more He has in offering.

Our needs, still included in his plans are but a figment of His offering; yet they can successfully consume our attention that we are not able to see the larger part of God.

Hence, the need for challenges. It is what it is – an eye-opener. It calls you up to higher things. And when you can truly see it this way, instead of getting offended at little things, you begin to appreciate God for choosing your battles.

When you get to this place, you would know you are growing spiritually.

It is often said that the secret of great men is in their stories. Yet, we want easy, easy, easy. We cringe at challenges and hurl up against God, carefully thought-out accusations.

Nonetheless, the way up (to greatness) is not unknown, but only a few people are willing to pay the price.

But you can do it! (Lol). It sounds too cliched. Yet, you can do it; Christ in you remember?

You and I can do all things through Christ that strengthens us. He has walked the earth before us in victory. So we can too. His grace is sufficient.

Your story is unique. I wonder who you are. That, I don’t know. You probably don’t know too.

We only know where we are at now. But you have an inheritance of glory. Yet, note that many believers before you did too but never realized it. So what will make the difference with you?

Your decisions, backed by the grace of God.

You want to stop playing the victim with your challenges. God has done too much for you. Do not waste it.

You always have a choice in any situation: to respond to God or not. And God respects that.

Still, there is grace that redeems poor choices. God is that merciful.

So, you never come to a cross-road where you believe it’s all over. You just keep going. And the only way to go every time is forward.

God is faithful. He will come through for you to reveal his glory. And in all of our stories, this we will get in return – God is being glorified: Now, we will be most satisfied.

You are loved!

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