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Hello and welcome to LTBreviews (Let’s Talk Books) – a blog about books, relationships, and lifestyle.

I am Sophia Eledu, a happy writer, editor, and director of LTBreviews. 

In 2018, after a life long experience of using books to solve real-life problems, I set out on this journey to read books and tell people about them.

And I am still on it.

In a part, LTBreviews was borne out of my experience in relationships; the tons of questions, the much confusion and frustrations I experienced while charting the course of relationship ‘in your 20s’ and learning from experience, books, and mentorship.

So why all of this?

It’s about projection

It’s about information

It’s about bridging the gap between people and information (getting to know that certain information is in certain books and reaching out when you need it).

It’s about guidance for as many young persons asking questions about relationships.

It’s about accountability, knowing that our lives are stories written in every moment and to be played out as information to guide/caution the next generation. As a result, there is a compelling need to learn and create beautiful stories in relationships and life in general.

What can you expect from LTBreviews?

  • Information on books (relationship books and others).
  • Tips/Information about love and relationships.
  • Relationship case studies (dating, courtship, and marriage).
  • Real-time conversations with a counselor.
  • Life lessons, thoughts, and meditations on God, love, relationship, and lifestyle. 

are you in?

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Meet the crew…

Hi, I’m Sophia

I was born and bred in Nigeria, Africa.

I need not tell you how much I love books so I’d tell you some other things I like; calm – quiet – vividly – empty – space, the sounds, and beauty of nature, art in paintings, dance, and music.

I enjoy meeting people and engaging in real gists. But I’d chose my space more times, with little company at other times.


Hi, I’m Andrew

I am a digital media content creator and brand manager @ LTBreviews.

I love meeting and connecting with people from all over.

I see potentials easily in young persons and I’m driven to guide them along that path, hence my brand – GoABitFurtherAfrica.

I believe so much in the evolving nature of work, and I advocate for 21st-century skill development.

Did I add that I love good food and rich experiences?



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