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A Marriage Without Regrets

In this book, Kay Arthur, a one time divorcee and mother of two, shares plain biblical precepts that make for “A Marriage Without Regret“.
From real-life experiences and things she learned the hard way, she writes to:

  1. The single/married, yearning to know the meaning of “A marriage without regrets”.
  2. The single/married, desiring to have “A happy ever after”.
  3. The single/married who needs to know the expectations of God(by his word) for a man/woman in marriage.
  4. The married, charting the course of marriage, as it pertains to love, communication, sex in marriage, raising godly children, dealing with financial crises and still remaining committed to God’s wisdom of permanence of the marriage union.
  5. The married, whose commitments rock the beds of divorce, while torn in twain on what direction to take.

Reading this piece came with many grins, laughs, tears, shocks, surprises, sighs, ponderings. It was for me many learning, un-learning, and re-learning.

For you, well, I can only know if you share after reading the book. I look forward to hearing from you.

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