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The Five Love Languages for Singles book cover

The Five Love Languages for Singles.

The book, “The Five Languages for Singles” is a sequel of the book, “The Five Love Languages: How to Express Heartfelt Commitment to your mate”. Written by author Gary Chapman, it addresses the love needs of single adults, helping them achieve fulfillment in love by discovering and expressing love in their individual shape – “love...CONTINUE READING
book cover of the purpose driven life by Rick Warren

The Purpose Driven Life.

Is there a meaning to life beyond the popular opinions and human conjectures? The book, “The Purpose Driven Life” written by Rick Warren seeks to answer this question. It is a 40-day journey in the discovery of the purpose of life on earth. It is completely countercultural in its approach to self-discovery; you may find...CONTINUE READING
book cover of 7 qualities wise men want by pastor kingsley okonkwo

7 Qualities Wise Men Want.

The book ‘7 Qualities Wise Men Want‘ written by Pastor Kinsley Okonkwo bears on man’s evaluation for a life partner. It goes in to help the man move beyond the physical attributes he often tripped by to enduring qualities that make for a lasting relationship. While it is written in view of the man, it...CONTINUE READING
a dating couple in the woods

Common Mistakes You Want to Avoid in a Dating Relationship.

Could dating be any simpler if there were rule books to it? Generally, there is more information on what dating is and isn’t, on evaluations in relationships and the list of activities to engage in dating. Very little can be said on the process considering that stereotypes do not work with relationships. So it often...CONTINUE READING
book cover of 7 questions wise women ask by pastor kingsley okonkwo

7 Questions Wise Women Ask.

You might be wondering why relationships are sometimes painful, why it leads to heartbreaks or divorce eventually in some marriages despite good intentions and sometimes, amiable personalities of the persons involved. The questions of what makes a relationship work? or how do I know if he– she is the right one for me? are a...CONTINUE READING